About Deasi “Green Mommy”

I’m Deasi, I’m in constant battle to clear my auto pilot response about culture that has been infused rooted into my being and limiting my personal abilities to be my best self.

This bloq is my journey toward sustainability. Welcome to my dome! (I actually will have my private dome in Green Family Eco Village in the near time future)

Thank you for allowing me to share.

I bloq just about anything in women’s life (we’re really octopus, aren’t we?) that is solely because, I have too much passion, from creating yummy n healthy meals to making my self stronger by exercising, to get my self more organized (how can I not, when we have 5 kids in the house, living in multiple marriage “poligamy” and having the home based business 6 days a week). I love gardening, talking about taking care of our self body n mind, making my own personal care products, unschooling the kids, well we do homeschool too of course (we’re somewhere out there, not really any of those except if you will name it by definition).

I almost always get up in the morning with butterfly stomach attack, wanting to start my day and already have so many things in my head from wondering how my little seeds doing, are some of them germinate already, excited to try making new potion in Green Mommy’s non food kitchen and get distracted if I don’t see my schedule asap and grab my pencil to make my to do list while I’m having breakfast.

I’m the first daughter in the family and very fortunate to have a mom who never absent waking up at 3.30 in the morning to start her day whether its a good day or not. I talk quite fast and often people asked me to slowww down and I walk very fast too even between routine at home (I say that’s my relax way of walking). I feel when I move slow, my brain start to turn the gear to slow as well..

I met my husband at the airport and feels like he’s moving in slow motion coming towards me “I’m in love!”. Meet him for the first time face to face on Friday and we get married the following day on Saturday 🙂 sweet…

I hope you enjoy my bloq…

And I love you,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ade says:

    Menemukan seseorang yang memiliki pemikiran yang sama itu bikin saya ngerasa gak “kesepian” lagi. Semoga suatu saat terkabul doamu untuk menciptakan Eco Village, saya mau pesan satu kavling di sampingmu. Namaste

    1. greenmommy says:

      Hai Ade, tetanggan di eco farm kami yuk, saya sekeluarga akhirnya udah pindahan ke gunung, sejak 1.5 tahun yang lalu 🙂

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