Zero Waste Shopping list mu?

Mohon bantu kami ya…

Kami sedang mengisi toko GM Zero Waste,..
Inginnya, tokonya menyediakan semua kebutuhan hidup pokok, mulai dari sayur-mayur, beras, bumbu, minyak, dll versi yang kalau kalian belanja tanpa pulang bawa sampah!

We believe that Low Waste Living is easy and affordable
We believe that it should also be easy to make a choice to transition to Zero Waste life
We believe that everybody can make an impact

and we do STRONGLY believe that there’s no too small of a change!
If you think you’re too small to make a difference,
Try sleeping with a MOSQUITO!
tanya toko kelontong copy

We thank you to help us to provide the most complete selection of low living impact needs for you!



One Comment Add yours

  1. missdara25 says:

    Haha,sleep with mosquito..
    I also do the zero waste when shopping at the market by using a big recycle bag that could help me from “too much” small plastic that they used for packing small groceries that actually fit in my shopping bag, in my kitchen.except for big plastic, I reuse them for my garbage bin.

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