Walking The Walk

Taken from Green Daddy’s Journal, May 9, 2010

Lately I have come across several people who are seeing the changes in the world as a sign to prepare themselves for some type of sustainable life. It’s kinda funny to see that energy they display when “in the zone” only to fizzle out relatively quick when actions has to be taken. There is no end to the excuses I hear in “defence” of not actually doing something. The most used these days is “I am not quite ready yet, but inshaAllah when I get this and this done I will be ready….”. Some have about 4-10 times the necessary financial ability to pull it off but can’t relinquish the material wealth to get started because they lack the confidence in themselves and others. Some people likes the excitement of all the “survival” talk and planning what to do but do more day dreaming than actual preparing.

So how much does one actually need to build a sustainable life?

A small family of four can build a 100% sustainable life for about USD40.000 and if they want they can even make some of that money back by doing a bit of commerce. There are several ways to make money while building a sustainable life.

So why do I bother telling you all this?

I guess it’s because I just hate to see the way people waste their time talking the talk instead of walking the walk and maybe because I know what I am capable of in terms of guiding people to sustainability and security. You just cant learn how to do it in a few years. Even if you have a group of well organized people who all take a different part to learn you would still have a lot of ways to fail and failing once society as we know it has ended might mean the difference between life and death.

Yes I know that many people who do have the money are not skilled enough and therefore might end up loosing everything, but that’s the reason I made this blog in the first place. To let people know there is someone who is skilled, ready and willing to guide the person or persons who ask to be guided to sustainability. If you want to walk the walk but dont have the skills or courage then feel free to contact me.

In case you were wondering. If I personally had the money or something if sold could give me the money to buy the land I need then you wouldn’t be reading this post.


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