Only a real idiot would…….

May 11, 2010

Ok so the title of this post might sound a bit harsh, but I really mean exactly that only a real idiot would wait around for what’s coming if he or she has any way to get out of the “line of fire”. We don’t know exactly how long we have so it’s really hard to make the decision. Many people want to wait just a little bit longer so maybe they can get even better prepared. Just remember if you don’t get the piece of land and in the right place you might be in a situation where there is no land to get or it’s in a place that won’t be useful for long. At least pick a location thats 500+ meter above sea level and not within walking distance (20km) of any city or big town.

Maybe you think you have the skills to grow your won food but are you ready for unpredictable weather changes and acid rain? I am and I am also not waiting around to see how much evidence of how crazy the world is getting. New World Order? sorry I dont have time for that and I sure cant change the fact they are here. Oh in case you wanna join me just know that I don’t waste time with people who need a debate every time they dont “get” why I do things the way I do it. I am sure you can hire a nanny somewhere or better yet find a group of likeminded people you can meet with to discuss all the spectacular signs of whats coming. Don’t be like the people on the Titanic who stood and wondered why the iceberg was in that place at that particular time or those other who made a mental note to complain that the ship wasnt indestructable.

Ok so I got that off my chest…

Here is something else to look into. I am not kidding. The Geoengineering they are planning could easily make the whole world a bad place to be. For those a bit slow it means there is nowhere to go at all. Are these people going to be Allah’s tool to set off the geochanges before Yawm al Qiyamah? Allahu Alam.

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