Green Daddy Journal, May 3, 2010

At the moment I am looking for people who are financially healthy to help fund the institute and our plans for expanding from training center to clinic and other functions. We have the opportunity right now to help a lot of people and at the same time build the community to a high level of sustainability. One of the problems I struggle with right now is finding funds because most of the people with money don’t realize the projects they would like to fund won’t survive the imminent oil decent which will destroy all oil depending businesses. Anyone interested in backing our project can contact me to get more details of the business side of things and the evidence of its sustainability. Please keep in mind that the situation of many governments subsidy of fuel prizes means the collapse can come much more sudden than we might think so in fact we can’t really be sure if we have enough time to prepare.

Anyone willing to help funding our developments or referring other who can will be giving a very advantageous plug into our resources and activities. What does that mean? let’s just say it might be the difference between surviving and getting stuck.
If you live in a city you should start researching urban gardening, urban permaculture, squarefoot garden or aquaponics. If you are lucky enough to be outside the city try to setup an aquaponics system to cover the necessities and use the rest of your available land for permaculture. Please learn how to make a wormbin with “eisinia fetida” since the soil quality is important. There are so much more to learn but read the blog and check for updates.


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