What are your career plans?

Green Daddy Journal, April 17, 2010

The future job market

The whole idea of working for a salary will not be available for that long unless there will be a major change in most peoples understanding of our role here on Earth. What the experts are talking about now is not whether we are “doomed”, but rather how much we can slow down the disintegration of the global systems. The most pessimistic gives us 10-20 years but not even the most optimistic dare suggest anything beyond 2100.

One thing that seems clear is that only the people who grow food will have a chance to survive, however difficult it might be because of acidic rain and unreliable weather patterns. Many governments are withholding information about the peakoil (oil harvesting capacity being much smaller than demand) because they are concerned about losing control. The band keeps playing while the titanic is sinking and there are not enough life-boats for everybody.

It is essential to make a plan of creating a sustainable food supply within the next 5-10 years. Here in indo we have seen the food prices go up 50-100% within 2 years and it is not because if recession since there hasn’t been any recession in indo. It is all linked to the peak oil. One of the proofs of the peak oil is the fact that petroleum has doubled its price. Many governments have subsidized the oil and gas prices to keep the rate of oil use normal and in turn to keep “business as usual”.

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