The Plan

Diambil dari Journal Green Daddy, 10 April 2010

I will go into further details on each issue at a later date. please feel free to ask specific questions on how to deal with different issues.

Before deciding to “run and hide” in the mountains it is VERY important to contemplate on one hand whether its the right things to do, and on the other hand how one can survive there without access to electricity, running water, shopping, health and security.

Considering the world is running out of fossil fuels and we are far from being prepared to supply our high demands of energy from renewable sources, it is one of the most important issues to be dealt with.
Before running off to the mountains one should prepare ones family on the habit of saving energy and maybe get rid of the less essential items that uses electricity.
Things that I believe could be useful in the future are pumps for water (including fishtank if doing aquaponics), laptop can come in handy, light and low-energy fridges.
The ways one could supply the energy to run these would be solar panels, windmills and waterwheels. A bicycle powered generator can also come in handy.

Food sources are also a very important issue to deal with as we will only be able to eat what we grow. Anyone switching to a diet of raw food will be in a much better position than others for two reasons.
One is that a raw food diet will result in less health issues than any other diet and secondly it means less use of energy to process food. Personally I have found that an 80% raw food diet works well in my family.
We add eggs and fish to an otherwise raw diet. Of-course we only use eggs and fish from our own animals.

The best way to create a supply of food is through a combination of Permaculture and Aquaponics. These methods are the least demanding in terms of time and resources and they also have a positive effect on the environment.
One thing that is extremely important to remember is to use a low tech mindset when preparing. There will be no supplier of spare-parts to call up when things break.
If using anything mechanical its important to know how to repair it and also to have a supply of spare parts on hand. Food without water is not very sustainable so its a very good idea to build some form of water catchment and filtration system, low tech of-course.

Shelter is also an important issue and after doing a lot of research I have found that the best low tech, cheap and relatively easy to build is an earthbag house.
It might not sound like a very nice solution but if you look into how some of the houses built with this methods looks like I am sure you will feel comfortable with the idea.

Security is an issue that most people prefer not to worry about. In a post-oil future where there will inevitably be a lot of chaos and crimes it is can be a matter of life and death and those with a family to protect really need to prepare well.
One should try to relocate to an area that is far from cities and preferably at least 50 to 100km away so as to avoid the over-spill of crime that is part of any major city. One thing that will be quite difficult to deal with is the many ex-military who will probably organise themselves and with weapons and experience will find it easy to take whatever they like.
One thing I always advice people to make sure they are on good terms with their neighbors and also to try to make themselves stand out as little as possible. For personal security it would be a good idea to train martial arts but it should be one of the systems that is realistic outside the training hall such as Wing Chun, Escrima etc.
Weapons such as slingshots and crossbows can come in useful if only used at the appropriate time. Guns however is not such a good idea since they usually get the owner shot.

Health is an issue that can make everything else seem insignificant if not prepared well. I would advice anyone to learn about proper nutrition and to rely on a raw food diet as a preventive measure. It would also be very useful to know how to use food and herbs to cure many ailments. Taking a first aid course will also increase ones chances when accidents happen.
When growing food it would be a good idea to make a herb garden as well as learning about the healing properties of the herbs.

Whatever you don’t know now you should learn before its time to implement and there is not time to experiment. Prepare yourself and your family for a simpler lifestyle now while you have a chance to experiment.

Personally I am preparing all the things mentioned and a few more. I hope to find a few other like-minded families, who are preparing for the future in a realistic way, to join our community.

Its time to stop for today. Will try to post twice a week.


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