My start

Journal Green Daddy, 3 April 2010

Every person has a different mix of background, experience and knowledge that will influence how they will go about preparing themselves for what’s ahead. I will here try to describe some of mine.

I am a soon to be 47 year old Dane living in Indonesia with my wife and 4 kids. We live in a small house with a tiny front yard and a small drying roof. I work full-time as a teacher in a small school and my wife is running the household while teaching a few private English language classes. Our kids are home-schooled with an emphasis on practical skills. I am also a practitioner of alternative medicine and martial artist.

Currently I am taking a degree in permaculture which is the most important science for our planets survival. Our family is in the early process of turning our life-style and living environment into a sustainable system. This means we reduce use of water and electricity from the utility companies as well as growing as much of the food we eat in our home. We must also reduce the use of plastic and other materials that will pollute.

This first phase of our change consist of accumulating knowledge, experimenting and preparing next phase. Some people just jump right into it by buying some land far from the city and hope to learn by doing. Most of those fail and end up back in the city with little motivation to try again. Once the current system collapses there is no time for experiments and buying equipment etc. so you better be ready.

What I am doing at the moment is creating a mini-system of plants that can grow in our home environment under different conditions.  Full, partial or no  sun. Flooded to dry conditions and so on. I also  try different natural ways of avoiding pest.  I collect rainwater for flushing toilet and watering plants in dry season and even use urine in the water to increase nitrogen and potassium.

You must remember that the local stores and supermarkets will not provide much if anything at all so you should know how to make the necessities such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste. My wife is currently experimenting with these issues and will post her findings here as well.

One thing most people forget is how to deal with the human waste such as feces and urine. There is a very interesting book “The Humanure Handbook” that has some very interesting solutions. I will post more about this when I can implement it.

Another things I would like you to consider is the fact that cities and towns can’t sustain the amount of people living in them so they will be a place of great conflict in the future. It might even be an idea not to be too close to the cities so as to avoid getting the over-spill of these conflicts.

Today I am in the process of creating compost and preparing the soil for planting.  will post some photos tomorrow with my plans for the planting.

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