Resep Nuts Milk Sirsak

Sirsak Nuts Milk

Right now, I’m in the middle of listening to the lesson about why we do what we do while drinking sirsak nutsmilk and my new vegan carrot cake, hmmmm…. :-). That’s my messy floor with my works moving to my bedroom at nite (naughty mommy!). I get a HUGE dinner every day, 1 gelas green mint tea, 1 cup nuts milk selalu beda setiap kali bikin, 1 cup es buah (no sirup es buah), Mimi made it, 2 serving main meal (hohoho…ini badan kecil tapi makannya kayak tukang aja…). hmmm, 1 date, 1 cup coconut kefir drink sebelum tidur n air putih. Nggak kebayang nih perut laperr aja bawaannya..banyak cacing deh kayaknya..But something more amazing in fasting this year than fasting last year or years before. Tahun ini ASI saya buanyak melimpah tumpah-tumpah..hahahaha…(super senang), karena biasanya kalau puasa, ASI agak2 berkurang, ini malah Anny yg udah 15 bulan kewalahan too much breastmilk..(sollii ya baby..!). Alhamdulillah sukses produksi ASI lebih banyak dengan perbaikan menu Ramadhan tahun ini, kayaknya setelah Ramadhan I want to stick with this diet combination. Sleepy head typing..

Vegan Carrot Cake

My Vegan carrot cake before I put glazing.

Dah 2 hari nggak ada desert dirumah sejak my raw creamy pie abis (nobody is eating it except me & Zakariya) lol!, it’s too creamy for the filling, next time I will change the cream instead pake banana n cherry, enakan dark chocolate cream kayaknya..or very sour sweet Nanas, soalnya crustingnya sweet nuts.

Well, back to my new yummy nuts milk finding and revisiting my carrot cake, I want to share this with you all…coz this is just too yummy to eat alone.. :-). Saya dan Zakariya taruhan, “Mommy, I still don’t think you can replace the egg taste in your Vegetarian Carrot Cake, I don’t remember when was the last time we ate it”. Kita bedua tergila-gila sama carrot cake yg sejak jadi lebih serius vegan, telur jadi hilang dari rumah n yummy cake pada hilang juga termasuk carrot cake ini (pernah saya share di salah satu ezine tahun 2010 atau 2011 lupa deh). Nah, sekarang I’m back again with full force, to debunk Zak’s worries about His Favorite Carrot Cake versi Tanpa Telur! Pas nyium-nyium adonan di dapur, he still not convinced enought that the vegan version will pull it of, lol!. Aku juga sebenarnya jadi agak keder juga dengar cemberutnya Zak sama cake vegan satu ini.. So, I make some adjustment, my biggest challenge is to make the apple vinegar taste gone, moist n not bantat also no baking soda or after taste but nutty at the same time. After we finish baking, the smell was so good that Zak was worry “Mommy ini cake bisa menipu aku, smells so yummy but will break my heart if it doesn’t taste at least as good as your other one”. Ceritanya bareng resepnya besok deh ya.. Bottom line, Honey approved the cake saying, It’s okay 🙂 it means he likes it and Zak already finished 3 pieces and saying, this is sooo gooodd!! I don’t miss the egg and it’s better that your best carrot cake with egg!

This is not about creating yummy food, but its about seeing the sparks in my kids eyes whenever they see and get to do things with me that I trully love n make them inspired and light them up with passion and one of the easy thing is creating yummy and healthy food that they would love to eat n inspire them to stay healthy n to be chef maybe (all the kids have their own who they want to be in the future. It’s funny coz all of them wants to be a chef/great cook among their other dreams, what a coincidence 😉 “mommy poisoning them again with healhty yummy food”).

Sirsak nutsmilk….. kok jadi ngomongin cake sih, nih susu rasa nuts milknya mild banget, tapi rasa sirsaknya nagihin..apalagi tadi abis dibuat, simpan di freezer dulu 1 jam…huuuuhuuu..nagihin! Minta ampun deh nutrisi susu satu ini, loaded with Omega 3 😉

So this is the recipe for the nuts milk:

Sirsak Nuts milk
Sajian 2 cups
100 gram sirsak (buang bijinya)
2sdm biji labu bubuk (pumpkin seed)
1 sdm flax seed bubuk
1 sdm wijen bubuk
pemanis secukupnya (madu, stevia, kurma)
Air 500ml

Cara Membuat:
Campur semua bahan di blender, blender selama 1-2 menit dengan kecepatan tinggi, saring dengan kantong nutsmilk/kain tahu. Simpan dalam freezer selama 1 jam, sajikan dingin. Yum!

I’m very sleepy n full now, haven’t sleep properly for the last 2 days in a row, coz Baby Anny is cranky. Gotta have long day to do things outside the house tommorow.

Was thinking to write the Vegan Carrot cake another time..
Catch you next time with the Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

Nite everyone 😉

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