Making Clay Album

IMG_1362 All clay are made by The Green Kids at messy study table ^_^

IMG_1357  Female spider guard her egg sacks and food

IMG_1360 Zombie goes green

IMG_1358 Animal Totem Poles


IMG_1363 Ant mimicking spiders and ant

IMG_1364 Mermaid

IMG_1365 Clay Farm

IMG_1366 Crocdinosaur with oviraptors

IMG_1367 Dilophosaurus eating a baby dinosaur with a spiky dinosaur behind him

IMG_1368 Apathasauruses and triceratops

IMG_2601 Robbers made of clay

IMG_2602 still robbers made of clay

IMG_2603 Robbers carry weapons

IMG_2604 Animal totem poles close up

IMG_2607 All zombies go green

IMG_2608 They still have ugly faces

IMG_2609 Spider

IMG_2610 sees a clay cocroach

IMG_2611 gets closer

IMG_2612 and catches it

IMG_2613 and eats it

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