Daftar Stop Doing

Berhenti ngasih 100% diri ini tuk ngelakuin hal-hal yang nggak disukai!
1. I’ll stop saying yes to job request outside the house if my family is not part of it
2. I’ll stop cleaning up other people’s mess
3. I’ll stop forgetting to write things down
4. I’ll stop going on motorcycle with sandal
5. I’ll stop jumping to things without thinking about it first
6. I’ll stop eating too little
7. I’ll stop writting my stop doing list…heee..it’s too fun!

Hari ini yuk kita bikin Stop Doing List alias Daftar hal-hal yang sebaiknya kita berhenti lakukan 😉

Scarry? very inspiring indeed. I love to write journal sejak SMP dan paling suka nulis hal-hal yg i don’t like about myself/things that I don’t like happen around me.I also write apa yg saya suka untuk dilakukan..

Nah..kenapa sih nulis “stop doing list”? (kalo to do list mah, semua orang selalu punya dan selalu terpaku tapi to do list often tricky karena bikin kita jadi ngelakuin hal2 yg seringnya bisa distop/didelegasikan tapi karena we feel that’s our identity then we keep doing it even its not making us chasing our dream) that’s sucks!.

Karena kita maunya kan hidup ini menjalani hal-hal yg kita sukai (I’m not talking abt our to do list lho ya..that’s just a must again).

Tuk bisa ngerjain hal2 yg kita suka, kita kudu brenti ngerjain hal2 yg nggak kita suka (so we have time to do our passion).

4 tahun lalu, salah satu hal yg mungkin buat orang paling ekstrem adalah saya dan suami mutusin tuk brenti dari pekerjaan kami (good for the money but not for sustainability in general). We just Stop! Knowing Allah will help & support us trough our struggle to have a meaningful life.

We can’t have it all but what matters most for our well being is what important 🙂 Gimana kita bisa meraih mimpi-mimpi kita kalau kita nggak punya waktu tuk melakukan sesuatu yg ada kaitannya dengan moving our progress to our dream. Bermimpi punya food forest dirumah tapi nggak mulai-mulai nanam karena lebih milih ngelakuin hal lain yg bisa kita hentikan really wasting our energi, waktu, creativity n delay us to be in our destination.

Sebenarnya mimpi-mimpi kita itu nunggu kapan yaa kita punya waktu untuk mewujudkannya 🙂 Here’s simple thing happen to me: mimpi makan makanan Very Yummy (vegetarian-vegan-raw yummy), tapi waktu abis cuma baca-baca resep aja..so I stop baca resep n get in the kitchen with 1-2 recipe and do the messy kitchen magic! Now I can eat Very Yummy Food almost anytime I make 🙂

Terkadang, things come to my way, the things that I don’t want to do but then I just fall in to it and get caught in the routine, then I forgot that I’ve been wasting my time..Tht’s my old story..

I choose not to waste my time and energy on things that I can stop doing so I can have time for the things that I love to do..I might make some people get dissapointed (I did!) or people questioning my reputation? (life is short, who cares!) or people are not impressed with what I’m doing anymore..(the point is myself doing things that matters to me).

Dan..keahlian juga cinta mending dipake untuk melakukan my passion project, make time for my soul and let my dreams distract myself like a hot chocolate on a rainy day 🙂

Start leaving what you want to leave. Your future is waiting.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fenti says:

    really like this article, very inspiring mom, kadang2 kita juga suka “terlalu perduli” sama pendapat orang, sampai lupa kita kan jg punya goal sendiri ya 😉 thanks mom deasi…

    1. greenmommy says:

      my pleasure sis Fenti 🙂 ini juga my reminder 🙂 kapan2 share stop doing listnya juga ya..

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