Saya benar-benar kesulitan menekankan betapa pentingnya hal satu ini! “Please DO NOT GOSSIP about others!” dan jangan sekali-kali mengeluarkan perkataan jika belum dikonfirmasi dengan pemilik hidup yang akan diomongkan benar tidaknya pikiran Anda itu! Jika Anda tidak bisa sepaham dengan saya, mudah sekali, just check out🙂 you come to the wrong house, simple kan?? ^_^ (tapi ngk usah mendiscreditkan orang ya..!)

Kita orang Indonesia is Bangsa Rumpi, Gosip! tayangan apa paling laris di tv atau media cetak? jawabnya GOSIP! alias ngomongin pihak lain! what about talking about yourself?? atau habiskan waktu Anda untuk mengisi waktu dengan kegiatan yang lebih bermanfaat untuk diri sendiri? sudahkah?

Setiap detik yang berlalu, kita menjadi lebih dekat dengan kematian, kita semua akan mati (apapun bentuk kepercayaan Anda, apa kita sudah memikirkan waktu yang berlalu itu sesuatu yang berarti atau tidak?

Did I live?
Did I love?
Did My Life Matter?

Berikut adalah pernyataan kami sekeluarga diwakili Suami “Green Daddy” tentang tulisan atau pendapat dari pihak yang mendiskreditkan gaya hidup dan pilihan hidup kami secara pribadi (mohon diterjemahkan jika ada yang punya waktu untuk menerjemahkan pernyataan ini).

To those people who like to criticize our lifestyle I would like to remind them that slander and backbiting is one of the greatest sins. For your information there is none who has the courage to ask us directly about the things they are talking about behind our backs so I guess they must be cowards. Regarding our choice to follow the tradition of polygamy(polygyny) I don’t see how it is anyone else’s business as long as it doesn’t affect you in any way. We are also doing the sunnah of archery which is something that many scholars consider a fard and it is very common as a sport in Indonesia even have some athletes in the olympics. For those who feel it is their responsibility to find a way to confirm my degree as a doctor I would like you to contact me directly so you don’t waste your time looking in the wrong places. I was not trained in Indonesia as is pretty obvious. If you think you (our competitors in business) can damage us by spreading rumors then you should remember that Allah is with the sincere Muslims and will be our witness on Judgement Day.

The Oasis Clinic is closed and not because we didn’t try our best but because of the great addiction people has to unhealthy food even to the extent of choosing it although it already give them cancer or diabetes. Trying to hurt my wife’s business by doing your best to make me look bad is not going to work because I am no more active in any of the business activities and will just be busy building our eco-home.

To those who are smart enough not to listen to empty accusations I pray for you to have success with Allah and for your benefits from supporting us.