Garden Updates After Eid

Eid was busy with looking after 4 kids all under 10 years old, a toddler and a baby. Not an easy work to do. Anyway, was enjoying it, it’s not everyday that 5 of us were all alone without helper or anyone else just US!! Some nights we all were sleeping together in the living room, we moved 2 matras and all pillows n making the bed into a big boat surrounded by pillows and we all will fall a sleep while watching videos on the computer. The boys said, “Mommy, we wish we only have very limited room in the house so we all can be together all the times!” I wish too, but Mommy need some Sanity once in a while my dear ^_^ !

So here some gardening updates, ups, I mean the first picture will be the well known “Neiman Marcus Cookies” So yummy that we end up ate 2 jars of them within 2 days, lol, sorry Honey, it’s not like we don’t want to go more Raw, but it’s a rare occasion that Green Mommy has free time to bake cookies, lol! Anyway, I use low glycemic sugar/organic too, and cut back margarine as well 😉

Picture below are the corn stalks I cut, not cut but pluck them off the ground (bare hands) lots of ants!!! itchy!!!

Below is the yard with no more corn, can’t wait to have the next plants, hmm.. what would be best? no ants, I mean not to much ants, colourful also beneficial, hmm suggestions please?

I was pulling the tomato plants up, that’s why they look slimmer, well I was cutting dead leaves and branches too.

I found out this wasn’t cucumber 😦 well, I will keep it growing until I find a replacement for that plant, a bit difficult to find one that is suitable for the beds on that side of the house, not so much sun there. Anyway, I love that plants, it might be weed (most likely) that’s what my sister Ling said, he..he.. but it makes the side of the house looks fresh, green and beautiful *_*

Well, sorry for the insert, these stuff are from Zakariya and I was trying to make lunch together, we were planning to make Indian potato n carrot Curry but (we end up making Navratan Korma), well of course the raisin, etc wasn’t there, wasn’t planning to make NK before, but then we also forget to take pics when the meal was done, already gone all aboard into our Esophogus, duodenum, jejunum, ileum and end up in….lol (anyway it’s all gone now) !! sorry for the language!

These are the corn, I harvested some daily, any suitable/ ripe enough to pluck. These are the last flight in.

Tomatoes that I can’t hardly touch, so rare that the tomatoes in these bed will last to ripen properly, either my kids will pluck and eat them (especially Yasmeen, I caught her taking almost everyday and walk around eating them, thank God it’s Organic! that I don’t have to worry that she didn’t wash them) or the boys friends will always try to touch them that end up having spoiled tomatoes.


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