First Post in Ramadhan

This is my first post in Diary Green Mommy in almost a month since the last post. I’ve been extremly busy with GMS, trying to get more organized and having to adjust a lot in kids homeschool.

The flowers are belong to the tomato in 2nd grow bed upstairs, taken a month ago, that tomato plant already has some produce during this month.

We found many creatures in front yard, mostly are spiders.

I don’t know what this is, I found it 3 weeks ago when I was watering in the morning. I don’t see this creature anymore. It looks like a pest!

Well, for sure this is not garden, lol! this is homemade samosa that we had for Iftar last week 🙂 making it for 1 hour and it’s gone within 15 minutes!

Those are the kids plates, we normally have samosa with salad, oh ya, we don’t fry our samosa, we baked them! healthier!!

I was trying to plant the beans by the gate, hoping the gate will have hanging beans so it will be like entering a little jungle when entering our house!!

This is view from the gate this week.

I put climbers on all the squares, that big plant is cucumber, hoping to have fruits soon 🙂 I plant beans around as well.

These are taking yesterday before mulching. I was mulching quite a lot, the first big mulching in 3 months.

Tomatoes from 2nd grow bed, I took the picture before I pluck those red ones, so they are gone now (turn to be half raw spaghetti).

First grow bed still waiting to have the last harvest before I start again, maybe another month?

Third grow bed is like Marigold bed, lol!

Mulching upstairs

I put climbers for beans, this used to be Mint bed, but it’s not thriving here, there are still mint around but not as much..well, I’m trying to get the most out of it without losing my precious time..:-)


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