Bubble cocode Shampoo

Written by Zakariya Pedersen

Once upon a time, there was a little girl name William. She was on her way to college when she saw a shop. In front of the shop there was a camera. The camera stares right at her, the she said “What?” to the camera, but the camera didn’t move. She walked to the camera and touched it. Suddenly the camera popped out arms? and lifted her on. And then it pointed to a factory. She never thought there would be a factory in going green land. But the factory looked quite silly. There were 2 gears sticking out to each side. But the gears were like car wheels and bubbles coming out of the factory’s exhaust. Next, she started to remember about going to college but a second after that it threw her in the factory. She landed on her head right on the floor.

After that she could see people walking on the ceiling although she didn’t notice she landed upside down. in a pile of ready soap, a machine to sell the soap grabbed her . She quikly  grabbed one soap. On it, it said  CTO (cinnamon turmeric oats) soap . on her way she grabbed cocoa lotions and plain bubble mixture. She went back to her lab after college. She had an idea. She mixed the things she got at the factory and made what she labeled (bubble cocode shampoo). It costed 4 dollar and 2 cents at her new shop. The end.

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  1. Funny story Zakariya

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