4th Week of July 2010

This week we found more and more insects around the garden. The plants on the roof amazed me, they grow so fast and start to bear fruits..

Organic Tomatoes from this week harvest, hmm yummy yummy..

My kids found those insects while they’re playing treasure hunt around the perumahan garden. Funny insects, I think they are playing too (like my kids, lol!).

This is another treasure the kids found around the garden. The Praying Mantis (their favorite!).

Does anyone know how much Chili cost in Malang? its Rp 51,000/kg!! Thanks God, we’re having them in our garden…^_*

Funny Caterpillar on lentils leaf. I hope he didn’t eat the plants. Kinda cute bug 🙂

Not so happy corn, the rain damaged most of them. There were heavy rains for the last couple of days, try to help fixing the damaged, but not much that I can do about it.

Zak’s grow bed is full with oranges, peanuts and peas. I put climbers for peas today. I’m wondering if they can grow well in shady place with less sun.

Our kitchen scrap that I prepared for worms food this week (already half empty), we’re not putting orange peel, pineapple n such (it makes the food scrap too hot for the worm) too much gas.

Beautiful tomato flowers from the second grow bed (1 1/2 months old).

These are tomatoes from the second grow bed (1 1/2 months old). The plants amazed me!

These are tomatoes from the first grow bed, we’ve started to harvest them this week, Yusuf was trying to take some today and wanting to eat them raw in the garden (sorry dh, didn’t know that he went upstairs when I was busy with the girls) then I yell from downstairs, “Leave some for Daddy next week!” lol!..

I didn’t know that lettuce can grow into that when it started to flower, doesn’t look like lettuce at all.

I can’t wait to harvest this Bayam, I found many baby ones under the shade, they like to bath under the sun. No wonder it didn’t work out in other places before. Those little ones under Bayam looks like papayas, but I don’t remember that I spread any papaya seeds there, still wondering how they end up there, could it be leaking from the worm tower?

This week, I started to replant Marigold to empty squares in all grow bed (downstairs) wishing it will work, especially in shady places. A bit frustrated what to plant in those areas (quite some space we can use but still haven’t find suitable plants). Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

I also try to plant peas in the grow bed by the gates, wishing and imagining it will climb up n cover the fence area n seeing beans hanging. It will be so cool to have fence covered with beans as it will reduce the exhaust from vehicle outside as well when entering our house will feel like entering little jungle..May this work out, Amin.


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