Written by Zakariya Ibn Hassan Pedersen
Typed by Green Mommy

Once upon a time, Earth got tired of handling mankind because they polluted all the time. Then it had an idea. It created a little platform in space. He put every human on the platform and said, I’ve had of being polluted! You know I’m a closed system and the pollution can’t get out. He brings the platform to Mars and gave an angry looks at all mankind.

Then he took a giant filter and filtered all the babies away from the adults, he turned them into alien babies, then on top of the filter, he set a magnet that could only stick to green mommies and green daddies. Then he took all the babies and the green mommies as well green daddies and put them back on earth.

Then when they’re about to take their first step into earth, the earth said, STOPP!!!! and then he say you can be on earth if you take away all the things that pollute like factories and plastics of earth then all the green people said OK!.

Stay like this, this is how I like, I love Green World!

The End

Mommy, are we an alien? Alien don't pollute!
What Earth Chooses (Cartoon)