Garden Updates, 24th July 2010

All these pictures were taken during this week. Many interesting things happening around the garden šŸ™‚

I found this tomato full with weird creatures that their half body were inside the tomato, as you can see. I think that’s the reason why the other branch were dying. The craziest part was, 3 days later I saw the tomato was gone, along with those creatures, do you think those creatures ate the tomato and ate themself? hehe…(I hope!). I didn’t see any sign of that creature is on another tomato. I hope not. Does anyone knows what that is? please help….

This week beans n peas harvest, we ate them RAW in Nasi Goreng (tht’s not green mommy’s hands, they are my younger sister’s).

My kids favorite destination when they go upstairs, either feeding the neighbor’s chickens or sitting on the roof while I’m doing my gardening šŸ™‚ (we all wish we had chickens. Once we had some chickens as well Rabbits in our front yard but they are not happy since the place is not big enough for them to be free, so we end up have to take them out in the morning n bring them in when it gets raining or when it gets dark, very complicated! so now, they are at my parents house being free n multiply).

May Allah give us Big Land soon so we can have our dream come true n living trully free n green, Amin….

A very beautiful n beneficial visitor to our garden this week, I didn’t see it today, maybe he migrate already, I hope he still somewhere in our garden…Does anyone knows what’s the name of this spider? I’m not into spider, but my kids are. When I took that picture, he was eating some kind of fly.

We harvested some chillies this week, Alhamdulillah. Do you know how much does it cost here in Malang? It’s 40ribu/kg, WHAT!!!, YES!, that’s why let’s make your own garden šŸ™‚

Another kind of chili, this one is our fav, not to spicy to put in our Raw Meal, but not for sambal lovers, lol!..

We went to the perumahan garden for a morning walk, we all are wishing and praying that we gonna have lots of fruit trees that we can climb up n have fun..Amin.

Yasmeen was collecting seeds with her cup n Zak was doing his Whin Chung, pretending that’s his wooden dummy, DH was talking about getting one, but pending Zak get an idea n start to practice with wooden dummy using trees or trails at home, creative but watch out my dears..:-) not with the trails please…

That was Zak’s fingers relocating the Tiger Worm that move onto the worm bin lid. We check them almost everyday, if we don’t move them, especially the babies, they might dried out n died..(they are our helper), little aid is no big deal for our little friends šŸ™‚

Our front garden is getting wilder as the lentils and corn are getting bigger..can’t wait to see the first corn.

This is the second grow bed upstairs, seems like its only perfect for tomatoes (its shady n corner), many seeds are failed to germinate. goji beri is also not happy. I might plant more tomatoes in this box so I’m not wasting the time n space.

Looks like we’ll soon have our tomato harvest šŸ™‚ will want to wait for dh visit first week of August, inshaAllah.

My beautiful French Marigold! I can’t wait to start the Calendula Officinialis next month (another kind of Marigold that is most commonly used in personal care n natural remedies because of its excellent medicinal properties, we’ve been using this safely n successfully for our home remedies, patients as well green mommy’s personal care products).

Both varieties of Bayam (green n red) are finally grow healthy n thriving in green mommy’s garden šŸ™‚ Alhamdulillah..


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