Last week I was extremly busy  juggling between trying to put more hours on homeschooling the kids (aimed to do 4 hours intensive one on one like our original schedule before dh leave to KL) and running the GMS as well maintaining the garden n’ not to forget making raw meal daily, making fruits smoothie for dinner n baking cake every 3 days .

Last Thursday harvest are baby kailan, spring onion n chili

Yusuf n Yasmeen relaxing on the roof

Yusuf wants to eat the beans raw, no..! NOT YET!

My red lettute is starting to flower, won’t eat this, will save them for the seeds, coz this one is very diff to grow from package seeds (I bought fresh lettuce fr the supermarket then I just stuck it on the ground, dh said, never do that again, lol!) can’t resist to try anyway, coz this lettuce is very exp on the market. sorry dh..

My baby kailan start to have seeds, will let it mature naturally n dry then save the seeds.

My fav insect in the garden, The Lady Bug!, but dh said, she eats the leaves!

Marigold in front of the house, n plastic stuck there, huh!

Mulcing time..!

Morning on the roof, So Refreshing! wanna join anyone?