Harvest the onion leaves last week, abundance for the rest of the week 🙂

This is Zak’s grow bed, those little shoots are from his Lemon n no idea what else he planted last week, lol..

We harvest all the Kangkung last week n turn it into yummy Manadonese food!

It has been raining almost every night. As you can see, some lentils, peanuts n corn were damaged.

Basil in the pot is starting to flowers, I’m really wishing to have dried seeds for the next seedlings, they are not that happy in our garden, the shade is not the perfect place for basil 😦

Weird plants shoot out from the grow bed, lol! it must be a very strong plant coz this one end up penetrating the layers of plastic’s rice bag that we use to cover the soil.

I think these are rambutans, but they were deep at the bottom of the box when we put the seeds as kitchen srap months ago n plan to use them for compost, well, I think it doesn’t turn to be compost then..

Put up climber for the peas, they are not happy to be replanted, I’m just wishing they will be okay and get whatever comes out of it.

Avocados, Papayas, they are doing GREAT! can’t wait to plant them out in our land soon, Amin.

Yasmeen is helping mommy watering the plants, but she took from the overflow water instead, lol! (not patient enough to wait for mommy to help her watering so she did it herself).

These are view from windows upstairs, can’t wait all grow bed to be busy and green 🙂

Last week I removed all the old Mint n replanted them, they aren’t look happy, I really hope some will be a new plant, still trying to figure out why they are not thriving.

We never have these plants before, don’t know what those are, maybe they are some seeds, those are failed to germinate before. It probably be cauliflower, red spinach, mustard or kale. Anyway, can’t wait to see them fully grown. I have new plant!

The French Marigold 🙂 will make sure to propagate them, lol! (well, their seeds are expensive).

Beans everyone?

This is from the Tomato that I start to grow in 2nd grow bed 3 weeks ago. so it’s 1.5 months old. Can’t believe is it the worm business that make all the plants thriving?

Peas is 2nd grow bed (I replanted from the front grow bed). They are 2 weeks old.

Can’t wait to harvest them!

These are plants from 3rd grow bed that I started last Saturday. See those little Marigold and shoots of shallots?

Fourth Grow bed started last week on Saturday. Most are seeds only. Those little plants are Marigold dh spread before he left to KL.

Yusuf is doing grammar n writting

Zak is doing language lesson n Yasmeen doing math (wondering why this little girl using both hands to write, today she’s using left hand).

Our busy school house 🙂

Where is Mommy?

Yasmeen is feeding neighbor’s chicken from the second floor.