Bad n Good News

Last week, I was so happy to see almost all plants start to bear fruits n flowers. BUT, 2 days ago there was hard rain at night, can’t do anything about it.

That tomato had been damaged by the heavy rain, i’m supporting it with the string dh made, I hope it’ll heal, but if not, I hope another branch will continue growing n bear fruits. Can the sucker be healthy n good enough to replace the main branch if it’ll die?

That’s another tomato that has been damaged by the rain.

These beans n corn has no cover so it doesn’t look that promising, but I really hope it’ll be fine as in nature.

Looks like these lentils are looking where the sun is (they get damaged by the rain too).

I’m wondering what this is? I think it’s Salak, if it is, i’ll be so happy, coz it’s the very sweet kind šŸ™‚ please suggest when i should replant them elsewhere.

Wondering if I should move this peas upstairs or by the fence in the front yard? they start to climb but very fragile to be removed.

See, they start to migrate to the neighbor land, lol!

This cucumber start to find place to climb, but then it’ll be heavy if it’s stay in the small grow bed, should I just put climber there too?

Not so happy tomatoes šŸ˜¦

Green Mommy Office (InshaAllah will have benefit n less damaged from the little khalifah from being creatife borrowing my stuff, lol!)

Wondering why the rain won’t fall into the first bucket, only to the middle and red one, so I have to fill it with water from other bucket and let other bucket filled by the rain (not so easy to be green, but IT’S WORTH!).

Our second grow bed looks promising, the tomato n baby kale start to have flowers (wondering why, it’s been 2 weeks only, is that the tiger worm or is it the soil or is it Me? just kidding)

I didn’t go upstairs for 2 days (was busy with the tuition on weekend), when i went on Monday to water the plants my tomatoes are this big, it was only flowers last friday, is that the worm again? or simply me? lol!

Do you noticed the Marigold buds? can’t wait to see the first flower then will turn it in to, hmm…Green Mommy Eco-Care Product šŸ™‚

I hope the Peas n Beans will get along with each other in the same climber :-). Beside is baby kale flower n behind is the tomato flower.

Race to the top!

Beans Flowers

The first busy grow bed.

The third growbed. Those little plants are dh marigold he sprinkle from dried flowers.

The fourth grow bed also has some Marigold dh sprinkle before he went to KL.

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  1. Dimas Amalia says:

    Saya suka dengan komunitas Green Mommy ^.^
    Saya ingin sekali belajar, bagaimana caranya ya?
    mohon bimbingannya

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