Cara menghilangkan lemak perut

Ingin perutnya langsing? singset? buat Pria juga Wanita, Check this out, The diet solution, The First Honest and All Natural diet and nutrition program on internet.

Untuk detail silahkan main ke sini:

Untuk Video gimana caranya untuk menghilangkan lemak diperut baik untuk Pria dan Wanita, silahkan klik link dibawah:


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  1. Nur Asyhraff Mohd Noor says:

    saya sedang mengikuti kelas Sheikh Hassan Di Malaysia.
    Saya sudah menonton video tersebut, tetapi saya dapati ia adalah hanya iklan sahaja.
    Mungkin puan boleh memberikan tips utk mengurangkan lemak di perut?
    terima kasih

    1. greenmommy says:

      Walaikumsalam, terima kasih ya sudah visit ke greenmommyshop, tuk problem fat around belly, i don’t have book that I can suggest you to buy, yes most are commercial only..Real result can be seen in combination of dietary changed (raw food for sure will help reducing fat fast n save plus you’ve got to eat as much as you like), exercise will also help in burning the stored fat in tissue, last one, you will want to use natural fat removal from outside (skin treatment like green mommy eco-care stretch mark lotion package), to firm the skin as well give elasticity back n give even tone around the problem area.

  2. Nur Asyhraff Mohd Noor says:

    Atau puan boleh cadangkan buku yang sesuai yang boleh dibeli di malaysia. terima kasih

  3. terimakasih.. banyak membantu link-nya

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